Colver Sportsmen's Club

      History of the Colver Sportsmen Club


  • The Colver Sportmens Club was founded in 1962. 


  • The first meeting was held on February 11, 1962.


  • The first elected President was Joseph P. Skibo. 


  • The club was incorporated on June 12, 1964. 


  • On August 4, 1964 the club purchased the current property. 


  • In October of 1976 the club started occupacy in the new building.


  • On September 18, 2002 the club received a liquor license.


  • Special thanks to the following people for all the hard work in getting the liquor license:

Fred Sauger, Barb Verbosky, Joseph Lesniak, Mark Sauger, Douglas Smiley and Dave Noll.